Analysis Instrument

Gpk201, Gpk30, Epk201, Epk301 Var Transducer

Haiyan Jinhan Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacturers:Haiyan Jinhan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
  • Shell Material:Beige Plastic-Shell
  • Accuracy:0.5%RO
  • Customized:Customized
  • Freight:by Air
  • Delivery Time:1 Week

Base Info

  • Model NO.:GPK201, GPK301, EPK201, EPK301
  • Installation:35mm DIN Sliding-Way
  • G.W:About 1kg
  • Production Process:Integration
  • MOQ:1 Piece
  • Transport Package:Original Packaging
  • Specification:IEC688-1992
  • Trademark:jinhan
  • Origin:China
  • HS Code:9030390000
  • Production Capacity:1000 PCS,Year


Basic Info.

Model NO. GPK201, GPK301, EPK201, EPK301 Installation 35mm DIN Sliding-Way G.W About 1kg Production Process Integration MOQ 1 Piece Transport Package Original Packaging Specification IEC688-1992 Trademark jinhan Origin China HS Code 9030390000 Production Capacity 1000 PCS/Year

Product Description

                                          GPK201,GPK301 Var Transducer

1. Summarize:
Electric quantity transducer is a measuring instrument that it makes measurand electric quantity (AC Current/Voltage Active  Power Reactive Power Active Energy Reactive  Energy Power Line Frequency.Phase Angle Power Factor DC Current/Voltage) turn into DC current or voltage output that accroding to proportional linearity . It widely applied to electric measurement autocontrol and system altitude that in electric power Coal metallurgy railway and so on.

Applied Standards & Rules
       Measuring and conversion IEC 688 / 1992 - 04
       Dielectrical strength IEC 688 2KVac / 1 min.
       Surge and Impulse test ANSI C37.90 / 1989
       IEC 255-3 (1989) 4KV 1.2 x 50 us

GPK200    -   3 phase 3 wire balanced load var transducer
GPK300    -   3 phase 4 wire balanced load var transducer
GPK201    -   3 phase 3 wire unbalanced load var transducer
GPK301    -   3 phase 4 wire unbalanced load var transducer

The following models can be used with each other:
EPK200    -   3 phase 3 wire balanced load var transducer
EPK300    -   3 phase 4 wire balanced load var transducer
EPK201    -   3 phase 3 wire unbalanced load var transducer
EPK301    -   3 phase 4 wire unbalanced load var transducer

3.Technical Specifications
Gpk201, Gpk30, Epk201, Epk301 Var Transducer


Gpk201, Gpk30, Epk201, Epk301 Var Transducer

4.Terminal Connection
Gpk201, Gpk30, Epk201, Epk301 Var Transducer

5.Dimensional Drawings
Gpk201, Gpk30, Epk201, Epk301 Var Transducer

The model of this series is shown in the following table :
ProductModel No.Swap model
AC current transducer(1 unit of avg. to rms conversion)GPAEPA
AC current transducer(1 unit of avg. to rms conversion)GPVEPV
AC current transducer( 2 wires / 4~20mA ( 8~36V DC powered)GPA2EPA2
AC current transducer( 2 wires / 4~20mA ( 8~36V DC powered)GPV2EPV2
AC current transducer( 2 wires / 4~20mA ( 8~36V DC powered)GPAX2EPAX2
AC current transducer( 2 wires / 4~20mA ( 8~36V DC powered)GPVX2EPVX2
AC current transducer(1 unit of avg. to rms self-powered)GPASEPAS
AC current transducer(1 unit of avg. to rms self-powered)GPVSEPVS
AC current transducer(3 unit of avg. to rms self-powered)GPAXSEPAXS
AC current transducer(3 unit of avg. to rms self-powered)GPVXSEPVXS
AC current transducer(TRMS conversion )GPAREPAR
AC current transducer(TRMS conversion )GPVREPVR
AC current transducer(2 output)GPATEPAT
AC current transducer(2 output)GPVTEPVT
AC current transducer(3 unit of avg. to rms conversion)GPAXEPAX
AC current transducer(3 unit of avg. to rms conversion)GPVXEPVX
3 phase 3 wire reactive power transducerGPK201EPK201
3 phase 3 wire reactive power transducer(2 output)GPKT201EPKT201
3 phase 3 wire Active power&reactive power transducerGPWK201EPWK201
3 phase 3 wire Active power transducerGPKT201EPKT201
3 phase 3 wire Active power transducer(2 output)GPWT201EPWT201
3 phase 3 wire wate&var&current transducerGPWKA201EPWKA201
3 phase 4 wire reactive power transducerGPK301EPK301
3 phase 4 wire reactive power transducer(2 output)GPKT301EPKT301
3 phase 4 wire Active power&reactive power transducerGPWK301EPWK301
3 phase 4 wire Active power transducerGPKT301EPKT301
3 phase 4 wire Active power transducer(2 output)GPWT301EPWT301
3 phase 4 wire wate&var&current transducerGPWKA301EPWKA301
3 phase 3 wire Active energy transmitterGPWH201EPWH201
3 phase 3 wire Reactive energy transmitterGPKH201EPKH201
3 phase 3 wire Active power+energy transducerGPWWH201EPWWH201
3 phase 3 wire Reactive power+energy transducerGPKKH201EPKKH201
3 phase 4 wire Active energy transduceGPWH301EPWH301
3 phase 4 wire Reactive energy transduceGPKH301EPKH301
3 phase 4 wire  Active power+energy transducerGPWWH301EPWWH301
3 phase 4 wire  Reactive power+energy transducerGPKKH301EPKKH301
Frequency transducerGPFEPF
Power factor transducersGPPFEPPF
Dc isolation transmitterGPDEPD
Dual output dc isolation transmitterGPDTEPDT
Power controllerGPSEPS

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