Bioevopeak Co., Ltd.

BIOEVOPEAK is a research-and service-driven enterprise in laboratory field with the mission of continuously improving the intelligence, precision, safety and convenience of the laboratory. Based on independent manufacturing capability, professional integration of worldwide laboratory resources and localized after-sales service network, we provide one-stop service for all customers.

All of our products are researched and developed by highly trained engineering staff and are examined by our Quality Assurance Team to ensure that the products meet customers′ expectations. The professional process integrates the ultramodern OEM design, high quality testing process and after-sales service.

The primary product lines we supplied include:

-Cold storage products: Refrigerators, freezers, cool house etc.

-Disinfection products, such as autoclaves, air sterilizers etc.

-Temperature control products: Water baths, incubators, ovens, etc.

-Water purification and treatment instruments: Water purifiers, pH meters, water quality analyzers etc.

-General lab equipments: Centrifuges, shakers, mixers, hotplates, stirrers, etc.

We are a young company but we have been thriving on development. To enhance the overall customer experience in more countries, we are looking forward to more distributors and after-sales companies joining us.
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